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Max Valier Holding Srl constantly checks and updates the content of the web pages. Despite the accuracy of the monitoring, variations may occur which are not reported on the site. Max Valier Holding Srl therefore assumes no responsibility for the correctness, state of updating and integrity of the information. Max Valier Holding Srl reserves the right to make changes or additions to the published content. Max Valier Holding Srl accepts no responsibility for the content of web pages that are accessed via hyperlinks. For technical reasons, the colours shown on the monitor and those printed on paper may deviate from the original colours. The depiction and description of the products on the web pages are for information purposes only. Any discrepancy between the product supplied and its advertising representation does not constitute grounds for complaint, as the order placed is the only reference parameter.

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The content of the Max Valier Holding website, including texts, images and videos, is protected by copyright laws. All rights are reserved by Max Valier Holding. Sections of the website which may be subject to the copyright of others are clearly marked. The contents of this website may not be copied, modified, transmitted, reused, revised, processed or used in any other way for private or commercial purposes without prior written permission. Infringement of copyright or related property rights may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Liability for links to third-party websites
Links to other websites are possible from the Max Valier Holding website. Max Valier Holding Srl declines all responsibility for the content of linked sites, as they are entirely managed by other companies and/or organisations. Before being linked to this site, the linked pages are carefully examined to ensure that they do not contain illegal content. However, there is no permanent control of the linked pages unless there are concrete indications of illegal content. If illegal content is detected, Max Valier Holding will remove the relevant links immediately.