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  • Succession mid-sized business
  • Group Carve-Out
  • Turnaround

The process of handing over or acquiring a lifetime's achievement is both delicate and fraught with risks. It encompasses not just personal and financial considerations but also a keen eye towards the future growth potential. Our approach prioritizes sustained development, embracing international expansion, modernization in line with Industry 4.0 standards, fostering innovation, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and venturing into new markets. Our investment decisions are grounded in comprehensive criteria, closely aligned with our expertise and accumulated experience, ensuring that we not only honor the legacy of the ventures we engage with but also steer them towards a prosperous future.

At Max Valier Holding, during the divestiture of business units or locations from corporate conglomerates, we position ourselves as a long-term ally for the group, providing the divested entity with a nurturing new environment. Our team is adept at managing and executing comprehensive, intricate transactions with finesse. Prioritizing sustained growth, we are committed to the further development, international expansion, modernization in alignment with Industry 4.0 standards, fostering innovation, adopting new technologies, and breaking into untapped markets. Our investment strategies are meticulously crafted, rooted in detailed criteria that resonate with our deep-seated expertise and rich experience, ensuring each venture we undertake is guided towards a thriving future.

Max Valier Holding offers comprehensive turnaround strategies for companies facing major changes. The team focuses on sustainable development, internationalisation and modernisation in line with Industry 4.0, promoting long-term growth by supporting innovation and new technologies. Max Valier Holding distinguishes itself through personal support and customised solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of the company following a detailed analysis. The aim is to ensure not only the continued existence of the company, but also its successful further development.

0Company groups

Boehm Group

Boehm Group GmbH stands out as a precise, versatile, and personalized manufacturing partner with over 40 years of expertise in the engineering sector.
Offering a wide range of services including assembly, CNC machining, metalworking and steel construction, surface finishing, and electrical engineering, they cater to customized needs with a commitment to communication, delivery reliability, precision, and quality.
Located in Germany and Slovakia, Boehm Group is ideal for businesses seeking to streamline manufacturing processes, efficiently manage procurement, or flexibly outsource capacity peaks.

Schuck Group

The Schuck Group, with nearly half a century of expertise, is a global leader in connecting piping systems for the energy and utility sectors.
Specializing in the manufacture of valves, house entries, fittings, and pipeline accessories for liquid and gaseous media, Schuck prioritizes sustainable solutions.
As a medium-sized business, it offers an extensive range of products for various applications including gas stations, pipelines, homes, distribution networks, and more, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency


ETM International GmbH, located in Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany, is your innovative partner committed to reducing CO2 emissions through the development of lightweight automotive components.
They specialize in creating space within engine compartments by optimizing and downsizing engines, thereby enhancing vehicle efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
With a focus on clean production processes, the use of renewable energy, and recycling, ETM supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in achieving more efficient, high-performance engines.


Dalex, a renowned German manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in resistance welding technology, is committed to the future of welding.
Specializing in custom solutions and production cells that cater to individual client needs, DALEX offers a broad range of welding machines and equipment, from standard machines to sophisticated welding cells and transformers.
Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service ensures that they provide efficient, productive, and economical welding solutions.

ABC Poland

ABC ETM Poland is a leading Tier 1 company in the plastic industry, specializing in the production and development of innovative plastic solutions for the automotive sector.
With a commitment to meeting customer needs and tackling complex challenges head-on, ETM Poland has pioneered unique solutions and cutting-edge technologies.
Strategically situated in central Poland, our plant enjoys convenient access to transportation networks, facilitating efficient distribution.


Economic framework

We invest in

  • Small to medium-sized companies Turnover > 50 million up to 500 million
  • Companies that have been active in the market for several years
  • Profitable companies (Ø EBITDA > 1 million) or turnarounds (turnover > 50 million


The location or headquarters is in

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Switzerland


Medium-sized engineering, manufacturing and service companies in the commercial and industrial sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Building materials industry and finishing trades
  • IT hardware & networks
  • Plastics, metal & electrical industry
  • Mechanical engineering, plant construction & automation
  • Software engineering
  • Environmental & energy technology

Max Valier Holding does not manage other people's money and is therefore not bound by any predetermined timeframe for a potential exit. We are convinced that the best way to maximise the value of our investments is to position each company with an individual growth strategy, which we actively design and implement ourselves. We focus on sustainable, long-term success rather than short-term financial gains.


Phase 1

Individualising the target


Phase 2

First analysis and decision on team and approach


Phase 3

Detailed analysis and development of a decision template


Phase 4

Due diligence and purchase contract


Phase 5

Implementation of growth strategy



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